We exercised our experimentation

Lifebridge Church Windermere
We knew there’d be lively music.


Lifebridge Church Windermere
Six singers, three guitarists, one keyboard, and one drummer.


We exercised our experimentation and fed our curiosity.

The music was lively and passionate.

As the fourth song was ending, i noticed that people were still arriving.

It took four songs before the arrivals stopped. We all have many reasons for being late.

The Church uses the songs to pass the time until everyone arrives. The people who are late might rationalize that being late is okay because the main message doesn’t start until 20 minutes past the hour.

The songs also set the mood and tone, serving as a bridge from Earthly issues to Heavenly issues.

Late arrivals miss the warm up.

Olympic athletes and world-class musicians never skip their warm up before an important effort.

It’s part of the reason they’re world class.


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The extraordinarily fit spirit intimidates those medicated by three things

50th Jubilee celebration
Fr Ennis is the most fit spirit of anyone in this local community (photo: at his 50th Priesthood jubilee)


Just as the extraordinarily fit athlete unintentionally intimidates those filled with excuses, so the extraordinarily fit spirit intimidates those medicated with distractions, addictions, and attachments.

The truth hurts.

It can also set someone free.

Live free or die, no?

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Hard Work Is The Wellness Short Cut And Provides Obvious Rewards As Well As Unexpected Delights

Lane 8 at Zion National Park 2011

What jeff noel has been talking about at his “spirit” blog, is the coming of the King, born of a virgin, and placed in a horse’s trough in a stable. While this blog is about our physical responsibilities, jeff believes there is an undeniable truth – working hard pays dividends that those not willing to work hard will never know. A blessed Christmas eve to all.

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Maybe Today?

Maybe today is the day our son finds a physical activity that interests him. He is great on exercising his Mind.  Great with his Spirit. Decent on Money.

Body?  Well, he has a keen understanding of nutrition for a nine-year old. Much better than most adults.

Yesterday, after we pulled away from Twistee Treat, he asked me to call a number.  He said the first ten callers get a free t-shirt.

He passed the flyer up to me in the driver’s seat.  At the stoplight I quickly scanned it.

We were the fourth caller.  So today we go to Victory Martial Arts for a children’s safety demonstration, a t-shirt, and maybe something else.