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A brilliant example of how you save not only a pet's life, but maybe your own as well.

Dear Son, one of the greatest compensations in life is that you can not help another without actually helping yourself. As I help you, it helps me. As you help others, it helps you, and so on…bank on Life’s Ripple Effect.

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Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs Understand What Bootstrapping A Startup Business Means

Lunches on a budget and on a Zion trail
We paused for most of the meal, but then resumed our quest for Temple of Sinawava
All three - jeff noel, Chapin Noel & Jack the Bear - made it safely

jeff noel’s MBA continues while he grows his bootstrapping skills as a Baby Boomer entrepreneur. Cereal and fruit in the hotel room for breakfasts. Peanut butter sandwiches and fruit for lunches. Modest dinners in local restaurants. The reason most small biz startups fail is because there’s a ton of heavy lifting that most can’t endure. Just a simple fact of life. noel knows it all too well.

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