Two reasons why Gold’s Gym was packed last night

Some watch the Olympics, some compete, and some do both… these two baby Boomers did both… at the 2012 Masters Track & Field National Championships at Benedictine University this past summer. (left to right: jeff noel, Pat Dunigan)

Baby Boomer athletes

Two reasons why Gold’s Gym was packed last night:

  1. The Olympics are heating up (Usain Bolt is still the World’s fastest human)
  2. The Nike commercials are stirring the human spirit to move

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Why Are The 2 Pictures Different?

A simple walk is all it takes to get started. The catch is that you can never quit…

Last night at Gold’s Gym, our Son asked why are the out of shape people in the ‘before’ pictures never smiling and the same people in the ‘after’, in shape pictures, always smiling?

Then he answered his own question and I replied, “Exactly!”

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When Did You Change?

Disney World 2009

Met Kayla while dropping off our Son at the Gym’s child care area before working out. Caught a toddler, barely able to walk, staring at me like he understood every word, so I launched into my 30-second elevator speech. The staff seemed entertained.

An hour later, returning to pick up our son, Kayla, the employee said,  “You’re right!” – she had listened to those 30-seconds –  “I used to be 305. I’ve lost 135 pounds….

She caught me off guard, so we talked……more tomorrow, but for now…Next Blog

You’re Late!

Returning From Camping Trip Reminded Me Of Something
Returning From Camping Trip Reminded Me Of Something

Life is constantly about making choices. One night last week it was either:

  1. Call Mark Victor Hansen
  2. Work out at Gold’s Gym

My first Best-Selling Book is underway. Mark Victor Hansen is a mentor. The 2011 Masters Track & Field World Championships are on American soil.

Tough choice for a variety of reasons. But a choice had to be made…

The guy at Gold’s Gym says, “You’re late today”.

Without thinking I replied, “Better late than giving up”.

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