Gonna start exercising in retirement

Disney Retiree website
The flip side of the Disney postcard.


Gonna start exercising in retirement.

Sounds familiar. And predictable.

Probably not gonna happen. Sure hope it does though.

Crazy thing is we think retirement will change things.

Challenged a retired Disney colleague to drive the speed limit. All the time.

At Gold’s Gym recently, Fred said this, “It’s funny how your pace of life slows down when you aren’t hurrying (speeding) to the next thing.

Why do retirees still drive fast?

Could write a book.

Wait, already did.

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Final day at Disney will involve a walk through the tunnel

Royal Ranch Estates near Walt Disney World


(photo: October 30, 2014… neighbor is a retired High School Art teacher.)

Today her neighbor retires from teaching at Disney Institute.

Running five miles yesterday was huge. Why? Because working hard and preparing for the final week, while savoring it and enjoying it at the same time have, well, has been exceptionally time consuming.

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Burn the ships

Orlando Airport South entrance expansion


(photo: Destroy the bridges to life-long excuses and regrets.)

Does “burn the ships” mean anything?

Got to spend a few minutes talking with a fellow (neighbor a mile away) middle-aged runner yesterday.

Years ago in our first encounter we realized we had met before and after a few minutes we came to the same conclusion. We met at a Chrysler Conference at Disney’s Contemporary Resort were he was an attendee and guess who was the keynote speaker?

Shared the retirement news and told him if he ever wanted a great speaker…

He said yes.

It’s gettin’ real.

Burn the ships.

Make it impossible to stop exercising. Burn your excuses. No turning back.

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Will there be more time to exercise after we retire?

Time statement


(photo: On yesterday morning’s run this message was on a door – a gentle reminder – we will not get more time when we retire. The same number of hours will still prevail.)

Will there be more time to exercise after we retire?

What have you seen other retirees do?

What do you plan to do?

Why wait?

And what will be different then? Seriously. What will be different?

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