Time Flies

Everything we owned starting out. (WSU, Aug. 1984)

All told, 48 boxes for the Trucking company – Washington State to Florida.

Moving day…

Becoming full-time Disney Cast Members in 1984 was (and still is) very exciting. We worked hard, like all young folks starting out, establishing ourselves and building our careers, a sense of community, and a home.

One of the inherent dangers with blind ambition is the mismanagement of time, primarily from shifting priorities – or the (false) perception thereof.

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This Time Last Year

Mid Life Celebration 2009, Finland
Mid Life Celebration 2009, Finland

Do you celebrate milestones from your life, other than the traditional ones?

There’s something about milestones that help us to keep moving forward, to become the type of person we dream of becoming.

What’s a personal, nontraditional milestone that you celebrate, that you’d like to share?

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The Two Secrets Revealed

The Magic Formula Is Hard Work
The Magic Formula Is Hard Work

This will frustrate some of you, because what’s missing in these two secrets is the how to do it.

You want someone to come along and tell you how you should do things. “Just give me the silver bullet.” I know, I feel the same way.

Wake up people. You MUST find your own way. And another secret, your way will need to change through the years. There is no one right way.

But for now, more than anything else, here are your top two secrets:

  1. You MUST get started
  2. You MUST never quit

Happy to reveal these secrets to you, free of charge no less.

Have a nice, healthy day. It’s totally up to you.

Unless It Matters To You

This morning, at 4:50AM, while deciding what to write here at Lane 8, found a post I had started in August 2009, but had never finished, never posted.

In watching these two videos, it’s clear where my mind was. It was on motivation. Everyday our minds should be on motivation.  Everyday.

Many of you will never be runners. That’s ok.  Never want you to feel like you should be a runner. But I absolutely want you to feel you should do something. Walk, bike, dance, roll, swim, stairs, yoga, gym, ski…. it doesn’t matter, unless it matters to you.

Man, It Felt Good

Sure felt good to go for a short run and work out at Gold’s Gym yesterday.

Why?  Because it’s been nearly a week.  Why?  Because I’ve been traveling and working hard.

Got home (from Anchorage, Alaska) about 1AM Thursday morning, got a few hours sleep and taught all day Thursday. Then taught all day yesterday (Friday).

But I refused to let another day go by without exercising.  Sure, I had to get up at 4AM to run and the run wasn’t even half of my usual distance, due to time constraints.  And yes, I was very tired on a Friday afternoon (from travel and a six-day work week).  Did I feel like changing clothes and driving to Gold’s Gym?  Nope.

So what motivated me to go the extra mile?

Simply this.  I’ll be darned if I’m going to give up a decade’s work of life changing health habits because my schedule continues to be challenging.  Here’s a no-brainer: our efforts to get healthy do not matter if we don’t fight hard to win the battle to STAY healthy. Ya with me?