Blood Pressure Tests

Just Do It
Just Do It

Do you know your blood pressure? And do you know your resting heart rate?  How often do you check?  Do you know how and why you have the numbers you do?

Also known as a no-brainer, putting it off and being afraid to know are not good. I check it virtually every time I’m in a Wal-Mart or Publix Grocery Store, for free, at one of those testing stations.

What would happen to your results if you walked five days each week, fitting in 15-30 minutes (or more) each time? And what would happen if you did that for five years in a row?

Last night’s results at Wal-Mart:

Show Me The Money
Show Me The Money

Lane 8 Is The Worst

Lane 8, Finland
Lane 8, Finland

Lane 8 is where the slowest competitor is placed. In swimming. In running.

You never saw Michael Phelps (world’s fastest swimmer) in Lane 8.  You never saw Usain Bolt (world’s fastest runner) in Lane 8.

And yet Lane 8 is my goal.

This week, like most of you, there was a serious struggle to find the right balance of physical activity and healthy nutrition.  Diet and exercise.

Here’s one of my little secrets.  Are you interested in it?

Dream Big. Get There.  Stay There.

Come up with a mantra, a saying, that will keep you focused on one simple goal.

To not give up, no matter the set backs.  Ever!

Prefontaine 1972 Munich Olympics

Steve Prefontaine.  The son of an Oregon logger man.

Too small for football.  Too slow for track. Not a sprinter. Also not fast enough to be a great miler.

But, he could endure more pain than anyone else.

He set the the National High School two-mile record.  Bill Bowerman, the University of Oregon head Track Coach, recruited “Pre” and the two of them forever changed American running.

Steve Prefontaine is the only athlete, ever, which Nike has immortalized with a bronze statue.  Are ya with me?  The only one.

This You Tube video is the final five minutes (of a 13-minute race) of the 1972 Munich Olympics 5,000 meter final.  It’s breathtaking, and awe inspiring to watch a man run the best race of his life, and finish fourth.

America thought the best was still to come and the world knew that Steve Prefontaine would return in four years, with a vengence and determination to win the Olympic Gold medal and set a new World Record.

But a tragic, late night car crash changed all that.

Carpe diem.

Tell Me Again About Lane 8

What is Lane 8?  I’m sort of confused about Lane 8.

Okay, Lane 8 is about the physical gifts we have been given – our body and all the things that make it work.

How we take care of it is our responsibility.  No one else.  Ours!  We own it.  Or not.

At 50, I’ve found that taking care of this “gift” is increasingly more challenging.  As we age, if we get that privilege, we experience things that no one talks about with any decent wisdom.

Part of my vision at Lane 8 is to help people make common sense, common practice.  And, um, oh yes, one other thing – to help people not only get motivated and reach a great health goal – but to stay there.  That’s the key.  Staying healthy.

World’s Fastest Human?

Anyone catch the Visa Championship Series – Reebok Grand Prix Track Meet yesterday on NBC?

Tyson Gay demolished the 200 meter field that included Wallace Spearman and Jeremy Wariner.

I mean, he totally destroyed the field.

In doing so, he clocked a PR 19.58, becoming the third fastest man to run 200 meters, behind only the 200 former world record holder Michael Johnson, and the 100 & 200 current world record holder Usain Bolt.

Can’t wait to see the 2009 Track & Field season heat up.

I also can’t wait to go for an easy 5-miler this morning, so I better get going.  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂