Hassle factor versus giddy factor

Orlando Disney Speaker
Accidental shot from the recent longest lifetime run through Disney World.


There is a remote possibility that 2015 could be the healthiest my feet have been in the past decade.

While World’s (in August) in France seems like too much logistical effort at this time, Nationals (July) in Jacksonville, Florida makes me giddy.

This post was inspired by another Lane 8 post 100 days ago.

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Why the World Championships? – reprise (3.5 years later)

chasing childhood dreams
these 5th graders are dreaming many impossible dreams, and watching the adults in their lives

How long do we need to stay motivated to sustain a personally satisfying level of overall wellbeing? Are you still motivated for this life challenge?

Looking back 3 1/2 years, it would seem the idea of competing at a ridiculously high level would be better left to elite athletes.

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Merry Christmas 2011 From Lane 8

Some see stacked rocks and harmony. Others see a Christmas tree and joy.

As they hiked through Zion National Park, jeff noel and his son spotted four insignificant and small stones, carefully stacked by someone desiring to leave a message for others to contemplate and enjoy. At the time, October, Christmas was not on noel’s mind. Today, totally. Merry Christmas from everyone at Lane 8.

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Lane 8’s jeff noel Recommends Building A Story So You Can Add Details To Make It Interesting

Have fun creating a story, your story. One your loved ones will learn many lessons from.

As a world class professional speaker, jeff noel has studied, learned from and practiced with, the world’s greatest storytelling company. Stories are created using story boards, or some might call them bubble maps – an easily changeable (post-it notes for example) structure and process for thinking big at first and then spicing things up with the smaller details to add richness, texture and interest.

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Can You Build And Hurry At The Same Time?

World-class business insights can be applied to anything, even running. Spot the runner(s)?

Yesterday the “D” word was dropped: Desire? Destiny? Disney? Determined? Ever wonder if you could you apply corporate lessons to running?

A strong foundation is a critical success factor. Duh! But this is often the first reason we fail. We don’t build a good foundation. Why? Because we’re in a hurry.

So, can you build and hurry at the same time? Maybe.

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