Any smart person can make deductions

The Brooklyn Bridge, not far from the Brooklyn Marriott… and my room.

Brooklyn Bridge

With no shirt, you can deduce an early morning run over the bridge…

running in NYC

Truth is, I’m jeff noel is not financially bonus eligible. Every organization has people who are, many without our knowledge. When you speak with those you know are, and you’re obviously one who’s not, there’s often a weird feeling about effort, commitment, intellect, etc.

And last week quietly and uneventfully returning from the 2012 Masters Track & Field National Championships, a new definition of bonus eligible illuminated.

It felt so uncomfortable to answer, “Been running any races in Lane 8 lately”.

An elevated level of physical fitness makes a senior athlete “bonus eligible”. The illumination made me smile and… (yes, click the bolded, hyperlinked word “Blog” below to hear what happened next)

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So yeah, jeff noel represented the USA at the 2009 Senior Olympics

So yeah, jeff noel traveled to Lahti, Finland and represented the USA at the August 2009 Senior Olympics, also known as the Masters Track & Field World Championships. Held every two years at various locations around the globe, there were 5,300 Masters (30-100 years old) athletes from 80 countries.

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Note: The 2011 World Championships were held on American soil (Sacramento) for the first time in 15 years. Didn’t go… was recovering from a plaguing injury during the 2009 meet.

Over and Over and Over and Over and…

Pond Scum

Looking much more closely and curiously at nature, stunning, unobservable beauty is revealed. The beauty in repetition is that it teaches us the fundamental law that effort equals results. Good effort, good results. Great effort, great results. No effort, no results.


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What Is One Of jeff noel’s Biggest Health Secrets?

Fall In Love With The Daily Gift of Being Alive

What is one of jeff noel’s biggest health secrets? It’s the daily, repetitive, mundane, unglamorous focus on staying motivated. Of pushing through all the predicatable excuses for not exercising. The daily grind of never giving up.

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