Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is


first time homeowners
Context for the location of our first home in 1985. The dark grey area is the Reedy Creek swamp. Our lot was about 100 feet away.


first time homeowners
A small lot compared to our current two-acres, yet compared to the typical lot, we felt like we had acreage with our pie-shaped lot.


pile of checkbook ledgers
Pile of 56 checkbook ledgers from 1984 – 2002.


checkbook ledger
Ledger #1.


checkbook ledger
Ledger 56. We are currently on ledger #77. Our check writing has almost stopped.


burning paper files
Yesterday’s reality – burning hundreds, if not thousands of paper files.


burning paper files
Closeup of the reality. There’s no undoing this.


burning paper files
The tip of the paper-elimination iceberg.


Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is.

Motivation is like a fire, you must continue adding fuel or it will extinguish.

So motivated to eliminate clutter, stuff, and unnecessary “baggage”.

Seriously, oh what a relief this has been.

After 8:45am Mass this morning, i’ll spend the rest of this Sunday trying to finish.


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2009 World Championships

Lane 8 @ 2009 World Championships
Lane 8 @ 2009 World Championships

Lane 8 at 2009 World Championships in Lahti, Finland.

That’s “Jack”, my son’s Teddy Bear. He has three exactly alike. He got them as gifts years ago.  The collar is actually inscribed “Jack”.

Our son was born in August 2000.  My Dad, Jack Noel, passed on, April 2001.

My Father, and our son, never met.  We were two months away from our trip to Pennsylvania when the phone call came, “They’re giving your dad three days”.

So, “Jack” the bear, has traveled extensively. He’s the one with two torn ears.  The other “Jacks” are in near perfect condition.  Our son was gracious enough to let the “tug-o-war with our yellow Lab” Jack travel.

Find a million ways, gimmicks, tricks – whatever it takes – to stay motivated.  Jack is simply one of them.

It’s Easier When…

It’s easier to exercise and eat sensibly during:

  • Youth – the full pressure of job, Family, mortgages is unknown
  • Mating season – (once we’ve mated, what’s the motivation?)
  • Wake up calls – motivating because of glaring consequences

The reality?  In the big scheme of life, youth lasts say 20 years, then fades quickly.

Humans are born to mate, like all living creatures.  Wake up calls may take a lifetime before they start arriving.

It’s all the other times in our lives that are the real challenge, the real key. Look around people.

Like I suggested a while back, “If aliens found Earth and gave us a pass/fail health grade, what would we get”?

Lane 8 You Tube video virus

It’s amazing how difficult it is to stay focused over the long haul.

We’ve all seen people get motivated, set, and then achieve big health goals.  And then some time later, they fail.  They regress, almost predictably.

There’s a missing link. Staying there.

That’s where I come in. You will see, from my own struggle in real time, the simple secrets to long-term success. It amazes me how viral the right thing can become.

But you’re gonna have to want to follow. I can’t make you.  It’s completely up to you.  Always has been. Always will be.  Dream big. Get there.  STAY THERE!

Bonus: Another Lane 8 You Tube video found and placed in cyberspace – Australian Masters Athletics website.

No Expectations?

On the drive to Victory Martial Arts “Safety Demonstration” (recruiting) yesterday, I reminded our son there was no expectation that he enroll and take lessons.

All the children participated, even the first timers.  Our son eagerly lined up.  Surprisingly, two of his friends are members there and graciously welcomed him into the atmosphere.

Off to a great start and then somewhere in the middle it got more intense and he felt uncomfortable with his skill level, and returned to the audience with me.

I could not have been more proud.  He tried something.  He did his best.  I didn’t push him, even though I could have.  He’s nine.  How hard do you push yourself?  He’ll get were he needs to go.  Will you?