Suomi Sisu

Three more questions:

  1. Do you have guts?
  2. Do you have determination?
  3. Are you the type that doesn’t give up?

If this is you, then you have sisu (pronounced “C-sue”).  It’s Suomi (Finnish) for guts, determination and not quitting.

While in Lahti, Finland, representing the United States at this year’s WMA Masters Track and Field World Championships, I met a Finnish couple and overheard them say, “She’s got sisu (C-sue)!”

They were talking about one of the women who was competing in the W80-84 1,500 meters.  Can you comprehend that?  Early 80’s, running in the Masters World Championships?

I agree, she had sisu.

Makes me wonder what I’ll have when I get older.

Wellness Challenge?

Wellness Challenge?  Today.  Tomorrow. Next week.  Next month. Next year.

Huh?  Exactly.  I need to remind myself of this every single day.

Wellness – physical well being – is not something that I can take lightly. Most people understand this.  And yet, the pressures of our lives can make it so challenging to be well, that we succumb to the pressure.

What happens next? We all know the answer to this, don’t we?

So, knowing the answer, what are we going to do about it?  What am I gonna do about it?  What are you going to do about it?  Today, I mean. Seriously.

What will your wellness challenge be today?  Carpe diem.

Lane 8 Is Gaining Weight

Lane 8 is gaining weight.  Why?  You really wanna know?

For the same reasons everyone (mostly) gains weight.

This is why I think it’s so important to focus on our health goals everyday. In a matter of a few days or a couple weeks, I can gain enough weight to notice a change.

We are taught to embrace change, where I’m from.  And change is really the only constant.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

But I have to tell ya, I hate gaining weight.  If it were easy to not gain weight, we’d all have one less thing to worry about now wouldn’t we? Let’s be healthy, and strong, today. Ya with me?

Still In Pain?

Injuries and pain can make exercising a challenge.  No brainer, right?

Well, I’ve been dealing with injuries for five years now.  Guess you could say, “It’s the cost of doing business”.

I hate to complain, because complaining is fairly unproductive. There is one instance that I’ve discovered where complaining actually is effective.

If it causes you to do something positive about it.  This is a tough one. Misery loves company. Another no brainer, right?

So, saying that to ask you this, “How many times have you exercised this past week”? Carpe diem!


Pathetic. defines pathetic – (adj) miserably or contemptibly inadequate: “In return for your investment we get a pathetic three percent interest”.

What do we get for our investment in our physical well being?

Probably, pathetic.

We reap what we sow.