How to Lime?

Orlando city bike rentals
These bikes are everywhere. Hope to use them today.

Spent the night in downtown Orlando. We saw the Lime bicycles everywhere.

Decent chance it will be warm enough to try these out today.

The high temperature will only be 62 degrees. It’s currently 48 now, at 630am.

Downloaded the app last night to speed up the process today.

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Your pace or mine?

Track Shack, keeping Central Florida fit since 1977…

Track Shack history

Track Shack history

Your pace or mine?

Insight: This has no subliminal meaning. It’s intent is to showcase even the slightest creative adaptations can be fun and powerful… with a saying, or motivation to not quit.

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My very first 5k is now an annual tradition

5k motivation
finding a million ways isn't theory, it's do or die

feeling even better than last year's 2011 run

Maybe a decade ago I needed to find a great reason to not quit running. Had been running on my own for several years but was really struggling to get out of bed to do it. Enter a 5k? Maybe that would be interesting since I’d never done it before. So that’s what I did.

And now the 2012 Windermere “Run Among the Lakes” 11th annual 5k is almost here again…can’t wait.

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What About That Girl?

The girl that was engaged (but it fell apart) to be married, Cheryl, well, she moved away – far away – on my recommendation. She graduated and became a Residence Hall Director at Washington State University – the opposite corner of the Country.

I moved to Orlando, Florida to work as a Disney World Cast Member Intern – a Jungle Cruise skipper. We couldn’t have been farther apart without leaving the States.

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One Mailbox A Day

The same week I started doing one push-up a day, I began running one mailbox a day for the first week. Then two mailboxes a day the second week and so on. Mailboxes are about 100 meters apart here.

The running goal was first, and very simply to “wake everything up” – tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage. The pace was slower than a slow walk. Seriously.

After one month, I was very slowly jogging the equivalent of one lap around a school track – 400 meters.

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