Life is not

Status quo sign
In the Ohio airport last year.

Life is not…

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The Paradox Of Health Is That The One Who Can Help The Most, Is So Close & Yet So Far

A Pair 'a Docks

…on the left you see a dock….on the right you see a dock….in the jungle this is known as a pair-a-docks….

The best success formula and best coach for our health and wellness initiatives is so close and yet so far. It’s an epic paradox. It’s us. You. Me.

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Rise Like Bread Everyone. It’s The Yeast You Can Do.

jeff noel Was A Disney Jungle Cruise Skipper in 1982

Rise like bread everyone. It’s the yeast you can do. Come on now, no loafing. Sorry if the jokes are stale and crumby. I’ve enjoyed having you today, hope you’ve enjoyed being had. Just kidding. Of all the groups I’ve ever had on tour, I can say, without a doubt…you guys…have been…the most…recent!

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Even In Nature, Youth Shields Animals From Many Future Worries

Even In Nature, Youth Shields Animals From Many Future Worries

Youth have few cares, whether animal or human. Eventually, youth in the Animal Kingdom witness the brutal realities of survival. Then they shape up, or death will certainly call their name soon. What if we exposed our youth to the slow, painful (and expensive) death poor health choices bequeath unwise humans?

Which is harsher, witnessing the truth, or experiencing it personally?

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