Dream Big Lane 8

Easy? Fast? Lies!
Easy? Fast? Lies!

What does it take, day after day, to stay motivated?

That’s really the difference between a casual approach and a committed approach.

You knew that, right?

If you don’t dream big (like for the rest of your life), you lose.

Big is not:

  • Losing weight for the cruise
  • Losing weight for the School Reunion
  • Watching your diet for your upcoming blood test
  • Losing weight to get back in your old jeans
  • Losing weight for swim suit season

Big is only one thing:

  • For your lifetime health and fitness

Got it?

Good.  Enjoy your food and your exercise today.

Lane 8 Healthy Week Flashback

Special Moments Happen Unnoticed
Special Moments Happen Unnoticed

Last night, while watching the Super Bowl, did some blog surfing and found this Lane 8 healthy blog post from last April.

It’s a story about a Father and a Son having a casual conversation that was as significant, as it was insignificant.

These are the small, often unnoticed moments that make life exciting.

You have one you’d like to share?

Lane 8 Health & Wellness Blog

Lane 8 In Finland 2009
Lane 8 In Finland 2009

Last night I experimented with a WordPress front page “sticky post”. This allows bloggers to indefinitely keep a certain blog post as the very first post. Like a sticky note.

If it works, regular Lane 8 readers will see the same “Welcome to Lane 8” post indefinitely. This is really for first time readers to give them a quick look at what Lane 8 is about.  All you’ll have to do is simply scroll past it each time you visit, to get the daily Lane 8 post.

Do you experiment?  At work?  At home?  With your diet? With your exercise routine? With your rest? With your motivation?

We all know that experimentation and creativity are the keys to innovation. What grade do you give yourself for practicing what you preach?

Anyone on the honor roll this semester?

Unless It Matters To You

This morning, at 4:50AM, while deciding what to write here at Lane 8, found a post I had started in August 2009, but had never finished, never posted.

In watching these two videos, it’s clear where my mind was. It was on motivation. Everyday our minds should be on motivation.  Everyday.

Many of you will never be runners. That’s ok.  Never want you to feel like you should be a runner. But I absolutely want you to feel you should do something. Walk, bike, dance, roll, swim, stairs, yoga, gym, ski…. it doesn’t matter, unless it matters to you.