What Motivates People?

Motivation Isn't Invisible
Motivation Isn't Invisible

A million things probably.

What motivates you?

What many people waste time doing is focusing on what doesn’t motivate them.  Ya with me?

It’s the complete opposite of where people should spend their “emotional labor”.

Here’s an overlooked tip:  One of the best ways to get and stay motivated is to find a way to alleviate, or eliminate, those things that demotivate.

Good luck today.

Gold’s Gym Was Packed Yesterday

My son and I went to Gold’s Gym yesterday.  It was packed.  That’s great to see.  Yet even though Gold’s Gym was crowded, the people exercising represent such a small portion of the population.

When I drive to and from work, or on errands, there are occasional joggers along the way. Again, a small portion.

Maybe the ones who exercise regularly are missing the boat.  Perhaps they are the crazy ones.  Wasting their time on the frivolous pursuit of a sound body.  Not a perfect body.  A sound body.

Wasting their time and energy by rearranging their schedules to make exercise fit.  Passing on “delicious” foods, or skipping second helpings, in an effort to practice healthy moderation.

What’s wrong with that small portion of the population?  What a bunch of self-indulgent individuals.  They remind me of the people on the airplane who put the oxygen mask on first, before offering to help the person next to them.

2009 World Championships

Lane 8 @ 2009 World Championships
Lane 8 @ 2009 World Championships

Lane 8 at 2009 World Championships in Lahti, Finland.

That’s “Jack”, my son’s Teddy Bear. He has three exactly alike. He got them as gifts years ago.  The collar is actually inscribed “Jack”.

Our son was born in August 2000.  My Dad, Jack Noel, passed on, April 2001.

My Father, and our son, never met.  We were two months away from our trip to Pennsylvania when the phone call came, “They’re giving your dad three days”.

So, “Jack” the bear, has traveled extensively. He’s the one with two torn ears.  The other “Jacks” are in near perfect condition.  Our son was gracious enough to let the “tug-o-war with our yellow Lab” Jack travel.

Find a million ways, gimmicks, tricks – whatever it takes – to stay motivated.  Jack is simply one of them.

Nine Questions

Did you go for a walk (or exercise) yesterday?

Did you eat sensibly?

Did you read anything that inspired or motivated you?

Did you think about anything that inspired or motivated you?

Did you take some sort of action, different from your usual?

Did you get adequate rest (way under-rated) yesterday?

Did you consider how you’ll stay committed until you die?

Did you have fun yesterday?

Did you do at least one thing that scared you?

Nine yes answers means you lived in the moment.  Less than that is, well, less than that.

I only got eight.  Adequate rest has been elusive.  Which reminds me, nap time.

It’s Easier When…

It’s easier to exercise and eat sensibly during:

  • Youth – the full pressure of job, Family, mortgages is unknown
  • Mating season – (once we’ve mated, what’s the motivation?)
  • Wake up calls – motivating because of glaring consequences

The reality?  In the big scheme of life, youth lasts say 20 years, then fades quickly.

Humans are born to mate, like all living creatures.  Wake up calls may take a lifetime before they start arriving.

It’s all the other times in our lives that are the real challenge, the real key. Look around people.

Like I suggested a while back, “If aliens found Earth and gave us a pass/fail health grade, what would we get”?