Capture the crazy ideas as they come

Mid Life Celebration art 2008
Mid Life Celebration art 2008
Mid Life Celebration art 2008
The brain/mind was the hardest to land on. It kept looking like a lima bean or a swimming pool design.

Capture the crazy ideas as they come.


If you don’t, you will certainly lose them. And remember to not worry about how good or bad they are…and above everything else, capture the “bad ideas”.

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Did You Arrive Here Via Mid Life Celebration?

What's your big dream? Mine is to change the way we pursue work life balance.

We’ve been conditioned to say it in this order: mind, body, spirit. And that’s the order I write. So before writing Lane 8’s daily post, I write Midlife Celebration’s post, which focuses on our attitude mind. This means Lane 8 revolves around our body – diet, exercise, rest.

Then after writing Lane 8’s post, I write at – our emotional core – our spirit. In fact, if you click on Blog below, you’ll go directly to the emotional/spirit blog.

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