1977 high school photos of me racing the 440

jeff noel high school track photo 1977
From 1977, the start of an open 440 dash. Me in lane one (the second worst lane) at the very start.
jeff noel high school track photo 1977
Coming out of turn two, i’ve fallen farther behind.
jeff noel high school track photo 1977
Rounding the final turn for the homestretch, still far behind the leaders.
jeff noel high school track photo 1977
Here comes my kick…
jeff noel high school track photo 1977
Gonna be a close finish. The winner is up for grabs. Who wants it more?
jeff noel high school track photo 1977
Difficult to see…but in watching the old video yesterday, i pulled off the win.

Stumbled on stuff from 1977.

It reminds me how unconventionally i ran as a teen.

It’s almost unheard of to run negative splits – where your second half is faster than the first half.

Disney brought out my unconventional in ways i never saw coming.

Thank you Walt and Roy.

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One sport, many choices

Windermere Prep 2015 Track & Field High School team


Awaiting the High School assembly to start, i took in the many items on the gymnasium walls. All 2015 team photos grouped together but the only one i photographed is above.


Was surprised to see so few students comprising a team for a sport that is America’s number one middle and high school participatory sport.




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Utah’s Snow Canyon High School Hosted The Track & Field Senior Games

Some of the younger athletes in the 55-59 age group 800 meters

It’s still challenging for me to get my arms around the notion that this world competition is only for “old people”, and that I am one of those old people. Age means nothing, really, unless we make it mean something. We can make aging mean wisdom. We can make aging mean decline. One of my “secrets” to great middle-age health is a great midlife attitude.

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It’s Easier When…

It’s easier to exercise and eat sensibly during:

  • Youth – the full pressure of job, Family, mortgages is unknown
  • Mating season – (once we’ve mated, what’s the motivation?)
  • Wake up calls – motivating because of glaring consequences

The reality?  In the big scheme of life, youth lasts say 20 years, then fades quickly.

Humans are born to mate, like all living creatures.  Wake up calls may take a lifetime before they start arriving.

It’s all the other times in our lives that are the real challenge, the real key. Look around people.

Like I suggested a while back, “If aliens found Earth and gave us a pass/fail health grade, what would we get”?