Do you get giddy for your blood work results?

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2018 is missing because it’s been two weeks since the blood draw…have been waiting so anxiously and was concerned the bloodwork report got messed up or lost.


Do you get giddy for your blood work results?

Probably a no for most of us – at least for me for the past decade – ever rising cholesterol.

Is it possible to reverse our yearly results-anxiety?

Yes, for example…

Concerned enough to try better habits over the past couple years.

These assorted eating habit changes led to a dramatically different cholesterol report last year.




Total cholesterol under 200 and LDL under 130 for the first time in at least a decade.


  • eliminate sugar
  • dramatically increase fresh fruit intake
  • eliminate fast food
  • drastically reduced processed food intake
  • virtually eliminate protein bars (was eating four a day)
  • dramatically increase super-food intake (avocados, certain berries and nuts)

Yesterday’s results yielded highest HDL (71) ever and lowest LDL (102) ever.


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Cholesterol Tips

Who's Watching Your Cholesterol?
Who's Watching Your Cholesterol?

Men and women, old and young, we all need to worry about cholesterol at some point.

It’s simply a fact of life.

After reading this article, I’m more informed that diet alone doesn’t lower cholesterol because some people will absorb 20% of the cholesterol they ingest and others, eating the same diet, will absorb 80%.

In cases like these, medicine may be a logical choice.

What still remains unanswered for me is how do you know which you are, the 20% or 80% type?

Did You Know?

Know Your Numbers
Know Your Numbers

Did you know that if you don’t know these numbers (below), there are people like me who question your intelligence?

Do you know your:

  • Body weight
  • HDL & LDL cholesterol
  • Blood pressure
  • Resting heart rate
  • Triglycerides
  • BMI (body mass index)

These are the bare minimum numbers you should know and manage. If you feel uncomfortable with today’s tone, good.

You can wait for your wake up call, or you can anticipate it and manage it before it gets out of control. People who nag you about your health love you.

You knew that right?

Power In The Impossible

What’s the power in the impossible?


Yesterday, in a casual conversation, a friend mentioned that 90% of humans, if given the chance to transform themselves into something better, would not do so.

Can’t assure you this is a valid statistic, however, I’m using it here to illustrate a simple point. Even if the statistic is incorrect, there is something we can all agree on.

Most people (no matter the exact percentage) are afraid of change. Period.

And yet change is the only constant. Period.

What does this mean to you?  Probably nothing, unfortunately.  Why? Because 90% reading this are afraid to change. Most won’t think the impossible is possible.