Besides diet and exercise

Dr Phillips hospital lobby
Just 24 hours ago at Dr Phillips Hospital near Walt Disney World.


hospital patient wristband
The photo on the ID bracelet is a great security enhancement. Lower left – March 27, 2018 – yesterday.


Besides diet and exercise, there are opportunities to take proactive tests to look for things no blood test will reveal.

Manage your health like you mean it.



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Blood Pressure Tests

Just Do It
Just Do It

Do you know your blood pressure? And do you know your resting heart rate?  How often do you check?  Do you know how and why you have the numbers you do?

Also known as a no-brainer, putting it off and being afraid to know are not good. I check it virtually every time I’m in a Wal-Mart or Publix Grocery Store, for free, at one of those testing stations.

What would happen to your results if you walked five days each week, fitting in 15-30 minutes (or more) each time? And what would happen if you did that for five years in a row?

Last night’s results at Wal-Mart:

Show Me The Money
Show Me The Money

Merry Christmas from Lane 8

And on this day was born a child.  In a manger, at the stable. No room at the Inn.  And they called him Emmanuel.


Perhaps nothing is impossible.  Perhaps impossible is nothing.

Lane 8 is a simple website and blog.  Even the first Lane 8 business card was handmade, in five minutes. And  5,000 were printed and taken to Finland.

August, 2009, in Lahti, Finland, the Master’s Track & Field World Championships drew 5,300 athletes from 80 Countries, with the same Olympic spirit as the official Olympic Games.

Many of the Master’s athletes celebrate Christmas, and that little boy everyone calls Emmanuel.

Lane 8 is simply a humble beginning. Not at all unlike a child born in a stable.

Lane 8, Finland, 2009
Lane 8, Finland, 2009

Merry Christmas from Lane 8.

Handmade t-shirt, Finland
Handmade t-shirt, Finland

Peace on Earth, good will toward men.

Gold’s Gym Was Packed Yesterday

My son and I went to Gold’s Gym yesterday.  It was packed.  That’s great to see.  Yet even though Gold’s Gym was crowded, the people exercising represent such a small portion of the population.

When I drive to and from work, or on errands, there are occasional joggers along the way. Again, a small portion.

Maybe the ones who exercise regularly are missing the boat.  Perhaps they are the crazy ones.  Wasting their time on the frivolous pursuit of a sound body.  Not a perfect body.  A sound body.

Wasting their time and energy by rearranging their schedules to make exercise fit.  Passing on “delicious” foods, or skipping second helpings, in an effort to practice healthy moderation.

What’s wrong with that small portion of the population?  What a bunch of self-indulgent individuals.  They remind me of the people on the airplane who put the oxygen mask on first, before offering to help the person next to them.

People Like Being Unhealthy

People Like Being Unhealthy.  In fact, you probably like being unhealthy.  And odds are you know a lot of people who also like to be unhealthy.


Absolutely.  Why?  I have no idea.  None.

But I have a hunch, but it’s only a hunch.  Know what it is?

People must love it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so unhealthy. Seriously.

If it’s not true, then go ahead and convince me this is incorrect.  Go ahead please.

Hey, the whole point of Lane 8 is to challenge you (and me) to set awesome health goals, go after them, reach them, and then maintain our health goals for the rest of our lives.

This requires DAILY effort.  Which is why I write this Lane 8 blog every single day.  Got it?  Every single day is our great opportunity to focus on our health.

It is not easy.  Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.  But it is always worthwhile.  Figure it out or live with regret.  There are no other choices.