Find A Million Ways To Stay Motivated Is Not A Clever Statement, It’s The Truth

Paris, 2009, heading to Helsinki, Finland for the Masters World Championships…

I’m here to help you stay motivated. Don’t let disappointments convince you to quit. Ever.

Held every two years, the World Master’s Athletics Track and Field championships begin today in Sacramento, California. First time in 15 years Worlds has been on America soil.

With every reason to be bitter for missing this (potential once-in-a-lifetime) home field advantage, I refuse to.

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jeff noel At Hayward Field, University Of Oregon

Ok, so it’s not jeff noel, but Jack The Bear, at University of Oregon’s Hayward Field…

Tip: Find fun ways to use iconic images, stories, legends, customs, traditions. Think of these as logs to add to your fire.

Jack the Bear has travelled the world with jeff noel. More USA National Championships and Olympic trials have been held at Hayward Field than anywhere else. Plus Steve Prefontaine ran here. Pre, a rebel, who just happened to be a runner.

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Running Is Going Well

An Olympic Shot Putter. He won Gold – the only one in his age-group, 100-104.

Have adapted a new approach for world class Masters Athletics Track & Field competition. In the past jeff noel over-trained. Didn’t know. Learned the hard way. And it took years to finally wake up. Stupid boy (yep, Keith Urban reference).

So this year, a radically different approach. It’s exciting! Been doing it since late last year. It’s paying off. Refreshing, invigorating and it is, of course, a gamble.

How do you stay excited?

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Track & Field Geek?

USA Swept the 400 In The Beijing Olympics

USA Swept the 400 In The Beijing Olympics

Track & Field geek? Totally. And I wasn’t fully aware how bad it was until yesterday morning.

Unexpectedly, it provided a keen reminder of how Disney fanatics feel when they get those rare opportunities to go backstage.

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Race Day 2009 At Lane 8 (respise)


This post has been copied from the Lane 8 archives and reposted here today:

Race day at Lane 8 – August 4, 2009.

Men’s 400 meters, 50-54 age group.  Call time 2PM.  Heat time 3PM.

By the time my preliminary heat is over (8AM EST), most of you back in the United States will just be waking up.

I visualize myself running and feeling God’s pleasure.  Running effortlessly, not to compete, but running simply because I can.

I don’t know why I run sometimes, all I know is that I enjoy it, and cannot help myself.

There is a popular misconception that winning is everything.

May I antagonistically challenge that?

Winning isn’t everything, doing your best is everything.

Don’t sell yourself short.  Be as great as you can be.  Even if you finish last.  Even if you are not a runner.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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