Can You Do One Push-Up?

So the next day at work, sharing the story with a colleague, who was also miserably out of shape, I said, “Look at us, we need to start working out. Can you do a push-up? I mean, right now. Let’s start right here, right now – here in the hallway. One push-up”.

He said, “Sure, I can do one push-up. Are you kiddin’ me? But I ain’t doing it here.”

Come on, I said, we’ll do one push-up a day for a week. The second week, we’ll do two push-ups a day. Third week, three a day, etc.

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Running Results

About 2,500 Runners & Walkers
About 2,500 Runners & Walkers

Do you keep track of your progress? I mean, with a few things that are really important to you.

Your checkbook maybe. Or your vacation savings. Or your weight loss or weight gain. Or your running distance or running times?

I love running.

And sometimes I don’t.

Like yesterday at the Central Florida 5k (sponsored by Track Shack) Watermelon Run, I wanted to stop a few times.

You know, quit.

But I didn’t.

Hope you find whatever it is you need to not quit.

Quitting is for amateurs.

Become a pro at not quitting.

And be prepared to bleed to make it a reality.

The Key To Health

He's Counting On A Role Model (for life)
He's Counting On A Role Model (for life)

Ever struggle with your motivation to exercise or with making smart food choices?

(If you said no, you’re lying)

Yesterday while at Gold’s Gym Orlando, I asked one of the staff, “What is it that makes some people commit to exercise for a lifetime and others quit after a few weeks?”

What do you think?  How would you answer it?

I suggested that we can not do it for ourselves, we must do it for someone else. If we fail, we only let ourselves down. But if we do it for someone else and we fail, we let them down.

The other person challenged my rational (which is exciting), and in the speed of the day, neither one of us, in this casual conversation, really had a desire to debate this further at that moment.

Yet on the drive home, what I had been trying to say was revealed. We need to be a role model for great health habits. This is the secret that eludes people.

You must be someone’s role model, for life. This means you can not fail. There is no greater motivation.

If this is flying over your head, you’re at huge risk to miss this simple, but compelling health secret.

10 Tips To Better Digestive Health

Yesterday’s blog post about bread and high fiber is really part of everyday life for my Family. Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), has taught us to pay much closer attention to fiber, hydration and a host of other high fibers food choices.

Just yesterday, coincidentally, this article “10 Tips to Better Digestive Health” arrived via email from our free Everyday Health subscription. Click here to read.  They’re common sense and serve as a reminder that good health is not that complicated.