Steve Prefontaine Is America’s Most Famous Distance Runner For A Reason

Steve Prefontaine’s competitors created these infamous t-shirts, 1970.

jeff noel’s shirt look familiar? 2010…

Nike has immortalized only one athlete in a bronze statue. Guess?

It’s the same athlete that said, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”.

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Associate With Excellence And Aspire To Lofty Places

Birds of a feather flock together. Associate with best in class.

Read carefully under Pre’s name, “America’s Most Famous Distance Runner”

Setting the bar too low and reaching it is worse than setting it too high and failing.

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jeff noel At Hayward Field, University Of Oregon

Ok, so it’s not jeff noel, but Jack The Bear, at University of Oregon’s Hayward Field…

Tip: Find fun ways to use iconic images, stories, legends, customs, traditions. Think of these as logs to add to your fire.

Jack the Bear has travelled the world with jeff noel. More USA National Championships and Olympic trials have been held at Hayward Field than anywhere else. Plus Steve Prefontaine ran here. Pre, a rebel, who just happened to be a runner.

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Prefontaine Never Got His

Teddy Bears Don't Worry About Cardiovascular Health
Teddy Bears Don't Worry About Cardiovascular Health

Steve Prefontaine placed fourth at the 1972 Munich Olympics at 5,000 meters.

At one time, Pre held every American Running record from 2,000 meters to 10,000 meters.

Pre was unstoppable.

He was training for a gold-medal performance at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Until a tragic, May 30, 1975, late night car crash took his life, at 24.

Prefontaine never got his second chance.

Your life is before you, and so is your health. You have a second chance.

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You’re Gonna Have To Bleed

Health Blog
Health Blog

Ok, so Lane 8 is a health blog that just so happens to also be a running blog – that’s what works for me. You’ve got your own thing.

Motivation. How many times does that show up?

Passion. Fire. Burning desire. Steve Prefontaine.

He said, “There may be someone who can beat me, but they’ll have to bleed to do it.”

I’d classify myself as a sprinter, not a distance runner. I (hate) prefer not to run 5k’s, and 10k’s. They make my heart and lungs want to explode.

But I do them anyway, to burn, to bleed, to push the limits of the human heart and to have fun.

Sunday’s goal was to run 20:30. Mile splits of 6:40 + 6:40 + 6:35 + :35 landed this:

Does This Make Me An Expert?
Does This Make Me An Expert?