Five countries with runners under 45 seconds

2015 World Championships 400m final
Yesterday’s 2015 World Championship 400m final. USA’s LaShawn Merritt gets silver.


400 meter world champ from South Africa
South Africa wins it first medal ever in the World Championships 400m.


Fastest 400 meter final ever
Yesterday’s 400m final results.


Ordinary is what we expect.

Yet extraordinary is happening constantly.

Yesterday was a special moment for South Africa and for the 400 meter race at the 2015 Track & Field World Championships in Beijing’s Birdnest stadium (home of the 2008 Olympic Games).

Never before have three runners in the same heat broken the 44-second barrier.

The winner ran the 4th fastest 400 meters ever, in the history of Track & Feld.

Michael Johnson holds the world record (since 1999) at 43.18.

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Surprise, surprise, surprise

In each photo, catch the first (shorter) blue horizontal line – the mile times…


Map My Run iPhone screen shot
Yesterday, the first mile time trial.


Map My Run iPhone screen shot
Yesterday, the second mile time trial.


The night before, i was all excited about running in the morning. But when the morning came yesterday, it was really humid, and i just wasn’t feeling it, blah, blah, blah. Plus the time pressure of having an early High School tour.

But then, a runner. He unexpectedly came from behind and passed me as i finished the first warmup mile and stopped to stretch.

He was several hundred meters ahead when the stretching was done and i decided to see if i could catch him – slow and steady of course.

While the 6:06 split was nice, i had this crazy notion of trying a second attempt to go sub-six minutes. Had never attempted it because i thought it was impossible.

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Don’t get cocky, you have a history of overdoing it

World, top, disney, speakers
One lap equals 400 meters.


Florida Masters elite Track athletes
This is a substitute for a real track because it’s close to home.


The 2015 World Relays began yesterday, May 2, 2015 in the Bahamas.

The day before that, i had the third, and most inspiring track workout of the year – and in the past ten years.

But it wasn’t at a track. It was on the sidewalk adjacent to the Tibet Butler Nature Preserve near Walt Disney World.

On the shady side of County Road 535, on the sidewalk 12 x 400 meter intervals were run (listed in seconds):

106, 103, 103, 96, 94, 93, 93, 89, 89, 90, 86, 83

Walked 400 meters back to the starting line, about four minutes, rest between each.

One mile jog warmup. Followed by four pretty slow warmup up 400’s. Then progressively faster 400’s. The goal was 90 seconds each.

The last one of the 12 was intently the fastest.

Be amazed and be amazing.

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Masters Track & Field is not about marathon running

Masters Track
Photo from decatur Street in New Orleans 2012… yes, from a run


Masters Track & Field is not about marathon running, although everyone (not an exaggeration) asks about how many marathons I’ve run.


Don’t even like driving 26 miles.

But enter a transformational approach, say a one lap (400 meters) run, and you’ve got my attention.

Isn’t that an example of go big or go home? Now you have one example. What’s your gonna be?

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Only One Man In History

Humans Are Born To Run
Humans Are Born To Run

Significant human achievements, especially “firsts”, are rare. And they are rare because no human has ever done such a thing before. If we are lucky, we may see a few in our lifetimes.

What comes to mind from your own experience?

Tyson Gay, second fastest human ever, in the history of the world, is the ONLY human to run:

  1. sub 10 in 100 meters
  2. sub 20 in 200 meters
  3. sub 45 in 400 meters

A few weeks ago, Tyson ran a 400 meters PR 44.89, to set the milestone above.

If you enjoy Track & Field or have a curiosity about the current hype between Tyson Gay, Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell – the three fastest humans of all time are running in the same lifetime, in the same meets – then you will probably enjoy this article from