Please Let Me Explain

If people knew how hard I worked to gain my mastery, they wouldn’t think it’s so wonderful after all. – Michelangelo

A dangerous health-related wake-up call, coupled with a childhood dream, led to something extra-ordinary 10 years later.

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Impossible Goals Defined

Maybe it’s impossible for you to do a ‘zip-line’…

You know what? I assumed everyone got this, until a recent revelation. So here’s my definition of an impossible goal.¬†An impossible goal isn’t something no one has ever done before.

An impossible goal is something you’ve never done before.

Big difference. Maybe you’ve never walked a 5k before. Maybe that’s your impossible goal.

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Diverticulosis or Diverticulitis?

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Ever heard of Diverticulitis?  Become aware of it, and understand how your eating habits will increase or reduce your odds of getting it.

It ain’t pretty. Diverticulitis can become painful. Close to half of Americans will be impacted. Doc told me Thursday, during my annual physical, I have diverticulosis.

Here’s an informative Everyday Health article to help you quickly understand what this is and what you can do about it.

Or, we could stick our heads in the sand.

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Lane 8 Advocates

You may or may not know this, but I meditate (pray) that in some small way, these short, pithy posts, and my personal struggles and triumphs, will help you get or stay motivated to be well.

Being well is the greatest gift we can give our loved ones.

And if we can’t achieve wellness, than our determination to try, is our greatest gift…

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