The Art of Health

The art of health is not something I’ve ever heard people refer to, much less talk about with any depth or consistency.  Why?

Great question.  Why do you think?

I’d like to invite you readers, and I know you’re out there, to get involved with Lane 8 and feel comfortable leaving comments.  No expectations that you leave comments, but hope that you will.

Been blogging daily at Lane 8 for seven months or so and can’t say with certainty that I’ve made it crystal clear that comments are more than welcome.  In fact, in the grand scheme, comments will help shape a sense of Healthy Community, as we all deal with our health and wellness challenges.

PS. One of the risks of blogging, if you aren’t aware, is how vulnerable and exposed the blogger becomes. Maybe there’s an art to healthy blogging.  Maybe not. 🙂

Lane 8 Patience Is Genius

“Genius is nothing but a greater aptitude for patience”.Gerorges Louis Leclerc de Buffon

Isn’t it amazing how impatient we can be? It certainly is to me.  Whenever I start to think patience has been mastered, another unexpected test comes along.  One that tests my patience in new ways.

And these tests come out of nowhere.  And many times, from extremely innocent surroundings,  when we least expect it.

“You can not teach patience with impatience”. jeff noel

You will never succeed at overcoming your wellness challenges if you are impatient.  This is one of the fundamental laws of self improvement.  One of the hardest lessons I’ve ever had to learn.

Our Body Is A Gift

Yet we ignore this priceless gift.

Well, we ignore it until we start to here from it.  Aches and pains. Wake up calls.

We can be fairly certain that these will afflict us all.  The question is, it seems, “Can we slow down, minimize, or stop altogether, these physical challenges”?

At 50, even though I’ve seen a lot, there is much that hasn’t been seen.  What I do know, is that trying is better than worrying.  At least if we get ailments, and wake up calls, we can live with the Peace that we did our best.

It’s Completely Up To You

What you do today is completely up to you.  Always has been.  Always will be.

Yes, everyone has obligations that must be attended to.  Yes, there are things that come up unexpectedly – and sometimes these events are tragic.

Yes, it’s difficult.  Yes, it’s overwhelming.  Yes, it’s confusing, frustrating, painful and on and on.

Thank you for listening.  You may have thought this was written for you.  Well, sort of.  Mostly though, I write to myself.  So, please don’t take offense to the tone.

If we can’t talk honestly and openly with ourselves, we probably can’t with anyone else either.  And even more than Halloween, that scares the heck out of me.

Lane 8, Halloween Scared

Lane 8 is about taking care of our physical gifts, namely our physical health.  I am reminded  daily just how challenging it is.

As responsible adults, if we don’t make conscious choices, and fight the hard battle to get and stay healthy, what are we left with?

The opposite.

The opposite stinks.  Not making hard choices leads down a path that scares me.

Halloween is just around the corner.  That’s about as scared as I care to get.