When do we carve out time for wellness?

Lake Tahoe from Highway 50
I never complain about extensive travel


Lake Tahoe t-shirt outdoor adventures
Outdoor adventure beckons but alas, a busy schedule


First glimpse of Lake Tahoe from motor coach. When do we carve out time for wellness?

Traveling all day on Palm Sunday necessitates flexibility and creativity.

Long travel days in unfamiliar time zones, altitudes, and temperatures requires planning and discipline.

Bottom line, nothing is easy.

Simple, yes. Easy. Nope.

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Figure It Out, Right?

Exercise or Donut?
Exercise or Donut?

Time marches on. There’s no denying it. This can be exciting, or it can be debilitating. How we choose to accept it really is the key.

Very few people get to exercise and eat the way they know is optimal. Why? Because time marches on. So, the questions then narrow down to two:

  1. Give up, because it’s too difficult
  2. Keep going, because we are setting the example

Sometimes, not being able to exercise, even though you want to, is a gift. You just have to know the difference.

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Wake Up In One City, Sleep In Another
Wake Up In One City, Sleep In Another

Lane 8, Halloween Scared

Lane 8 is about taking care of our physical gifts, namely our physical health.  I am reminded  daily just how challenging it is.

As responsible adults, if we don’t make conscious choices, and fight the hard battle to get and stay healthy, what are we left with?

The opposite.

The opposite stinks.  Not making hard choices leads down a path that scares me.

Halloween is just around the corner.  That’s about as scared as I care to get.