Health is wealth

Sore wrist for two weeks and counting. Physician’s assistant offered a brace. Why not, right? Also Advil, ice, and heat. Photo: In the car at walk-in clinic parking lot.

Health is wealth.

The older we get, the less we do physically.

The less we do physically, the older we get.

Yes, the math adds up.

Please plan and act accordingly.

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Something Is Seriously Wrong

Prefontaine Was Legendary For Pain Endurance
Prefontaine Was Legendary For Pain Endurance

Ever have some ache or pain and wonder what to do about it? Wonder how long it will last? Or expect it to go away in a few days?

Me too.

For three weeks, resting, stretching, taking it very easy, being careful.

And the pain is getting worse.

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Our Body Is A Gift

Yet we ignore this priceless gift.

Well, we ignore it until we start to here from it.  Aches and pains. Wake up calls.

We can be fairly certain that these will afflict us all.  The question is, it seems, “Can we slow down, minimize, or stop altogether, these physical challenges”?

At 50, even though I’ve seen a lot, there is much that hasn’t been seen.  What I do know, is that trying is better than worrying.  At least if we get ailments, and wake up calls, we can live with the Peace that we did our best.