Why the world championships?

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A 2009 senior Olympics Gold medal


Today’s post reflects back four years to the day – March 1, 2009 – and a post answering why does jeff noel want to go, and thinks it’ even possible to go, to the Masters Track and Field World Championships in Finland.

Part of it lies in the notion we want to stay healthy as we age. And part that we don’t want to die with too many unfulfilled childhood dreams.

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Your Favorite 2008 Olympic Moment?

Team USA, 2008, almost set a world record in the 4 x 400 relay…

Remember the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics? Michael Phelps’ 8 Olympic Gold Medals.

Jamacia’s Usain Bolt becoming the World’s fastest human. Ever.

What was your favorite 2008 Summer Olympic moment?

Mine was watching Team USA go 1,2, 3 in what event?

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But He Kept Dreaming Until

The little boy worked hard for many years. He set a school record. He won the County Championship.

Then he went to College. And found out he had been a very small fish in a very big pond, more like the ocean.

He abandoned that childhood dream to become an Olympian.

And got distracted, and medicated, with College life.

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World Championship Type of Day?

A Wave Of Indescribable Feelings
A Wave Of Indescribable Feelings

Short and sweet, year ago today, in Lahti, Finland, I was pursuing a childhood dream to represent the United States at the Olympic Games.

Here’s what it felt like.

These stories are meant to trigger your memory of your childhood dreams and to summon your vivid imagination to see if there’s still hope.

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This Time Last Year

Mid Life Celebration 2009, Finland
Mid Life Celebration 2009, Finland

Do you celebrate milestones from your life, other than the traditional ones?

There’s something about milestones that help us to keep moving forward, to become the type of person we dream of becoming.

What’s a personal, nontraditional milestone that you celebrate, that you’d like to share?

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