How Much Fat?

Fish Are Friends, Not Food?
Fish Are Friends, Not Food?

Do you have passion? I mean, passion for your health.  Do you have it?

Most don’t.  How do I know?  Because I’m a wellness expert. As Malcolm Gladwell points out in his best-selling book, The Tipping Point, anyone who invests 10,000 hours in a specific area will become excellent at it.

So, how do you define passion?  How about FANATICAL?  Does that work for you?

Every chance we get to get a glimpse at our health numbers, we should fanatically do it.

Like three days ago at Gold’s Gym. Free body fat percentage testing. Free. Can’t beat that price.  Took less than one minute.

Sixteen percent.  Anything under 19% is considered excellent. Bet you have no clue, and you have no clue because you really, deep down inside, don’t want to know.

How do I know?  Wellness expert.  Remember?

Dear Santa Letter?

Celebrating 50th Birthday in Finland
Celebrating 50th Birthday in Finland

You know how children like to write to Santa each year to ask for stuff?  It’s no different for adults. Here’s my version.

Dear Dr. Weinberger,

I’ve been a good boy all year.  Have focused on diet and exercise, just like you said to do.

This year’s wish list includes some old standbys and some new things too.

  1. Full menu of blood work
  2. Colonoscopy script (never used last year’s script)
  3. Stress Test
  4. Body scan/MRI
  5. Check skin
  6. Check neck
  7. Anything else a 51 year old man should have

My BMI, blood pressure, and resting heart rate all on in line.  Still treating Plantar fasciitis. If you are able to surprise me with any additional tests or recommendations that an especially health-conscious midlife male would like, that would be great.

Have enjoyed the past 27 years as your loyal and attentive patient. 🙂

Lane 8 Healthy Week Flashback

Special Moments Happen Unnoticed
Special Moments Happen Unnoticed

Last night, while watching the Super Bowl, did some blog surfing and found this Lane 8 healthy blog post from last April.

It’s a story about a Father and a Son having a casual conversation that was as significant, as it was insignificant.

These are the small, often unnoticed moments that make life exciting.

You have one you’d like to share?

How Big Should Your Goal Be?

Hayward Field 200903

If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

Hang in there if you are struggling.  Odds are, you are.

I know I sure am. Ran once last week. Once! How is that possible?

So here we are, another week.  Yesterday, I swore there would be time for a run. After delivering four keynote speeches yesterday, each to a different audience, exhaustion took on a whole new meaning. No run.

Today is another day…. for all of us.  Good luck.  Do not give up!

Another Favorite

Yesterday I shared the favorite motivation tip:

  • Find a million ways

Today, a second favorite:

  • Pay attention

In August, I had the privilege to watch a 70-year old man do the equivalent of Roger Bannister breaking the four-minute mile barrier (1956).  Do you trust me enough to click here?

Please know up front that clicking will take you to an August 2009 Lane 8 blog post, which includes my You Tube video of a world record being broken.

Here’s a third motivation tip, as a bonus:

  • You must find time and reason to do things you don’t what to do