Our health should take a back seat to nothing

Chevron Gas Station sign about juggling life's priorities
Chevron Gas Station sign reminds us life can be very busy


Our health should take a back seat to nothing.

Health is wealth. – Anna Felegy (my wife’s Grammy, RIP 1989)

Repetition is the mother of all learning.

Our health should take a back seat to nothing.

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Time Flies

Everything we owned starting out. (WSU, Aug. 1984)

All told, 48 boxes for the Trucking company – Washington State to Florida.

Moving day…

Becoming full-time Disney Cast Members in 1984 was (and still is) very exciting. We worked hard, like all young folks starting out, establishing ourselves and building our careers, a sense of community, and a home.

One of the inherent dangers with blind ambition is the mismanagement of time, primarily from shifting priorities – or the (false) perception thereof.

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April 4, 2009

(An archived post from exactly 2 years ago today):

It hit me a few years ago.

The answer.

And I was reminded of it yesterday, when I casually shared it with a friend who wants to lose 50 pounds.

Your carrot has to be huge. It has to be one you’ll chase for the rest of your life.

Until I die?


My big carrot?

It ain’t the world championships.

What then?

Being a role model for my son. Honoring our creator who gave us the gift of our body. Seeing our son graduate from high school. Etc.

The world championships? A smaller, several year carrot.

Make today a day you stop by the produce section and get yourself some vegetables. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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