The Timing & Location Seemed Like A Sign

No, it wasn’t here in my hometown, Walt Disney World.

The (2006) National Championships – August. Charlotte, North Carolina. Easy, affordable access from Orlando.

Recovered by then? Maybe.

But first, the physical therapist insists on strengthen my core. I said, “Is that somewhere in the middle?” Didn’t even know what ‘core’ was. But quickly found out.

And by the way, my core was pathetic. Maybe worse.

Physical therapist said injuries will continue unless the core is strengthened. Who knew?

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The Blog Whisperer Is jeff noel

It was scary just standing there. Can’t imagine going down on skis…

The Blog Whisperer is jeff noel. No one on the Internet writes 5 differently-themed blogs 365 days a year. Nor do they include a personal photo in every post.

jeff noel, founder of Mid Life Celebration, LLC has a book to write. The unwritten and unspoken message to you is that, all along, I’ve been pursuing several impossible goals.

March was put up or shut up month. Did you? Good luck in April…

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Shut Up (Don’t)

Same Art Show…be smart about your plan. Let it be by design, not by default…

Counter-intuitive for shy or introverted people, the last thing you should do is keep quiet about your health and wellness goals.

The very fact that you announce them, is the seed of accountability – the bottom line – your physical responsibility.

When I started running 12 years ago, all I wanted to do was “wake everything up” – knees, tendons, ligaments, muscles, lungs…

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Tip 2: Inspiring Others

With some thought, you’ll see you have a good story to tell. Good stories always involve conflict, so let your inevitable failures add spice and credibility.

Don’t think your story inspires others? Guess again.

Worried you’ll sound boastful or showoff-ish? Relax. People need to hear your story. Embrace humility, but don’t let it keep you quiet.

Tomorrow, why keeping quiet is the last thing you want to do.

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A Little Goes A Long Way

In analyzing why some people stay the long course with personal wellness and life balance, there’s an overlooked fitness tip: Finding significance in your journey. Remember why you began it, what you dreamt. Learn from your setbacks. Cherish your milestones.

Then begin to create your story (fill it with details), so you can tell others – to inspire them. Inspiring others is also an overlooked tip I’ll explore tomorrow.

The Windermere Run Among The Lakes 5k was the very 1st 5k I ever ran.

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