i knew right away

child's hand, swollen
The first sign that inflammation and incurable disease would become a lifelong issue.

i knew right away that something was way past not normal.

Our son couldn’t open a small peppermint patty wrapper.

When he winced and cried uncontrollably at what was easy and routine, it took my breath away.

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“I Got Tons Of Blood Work, Every Test Imaginable”

Mac & cheese or….Lobster, sweet potato, asparagus, corn-on-the-cob? Eating healthy is critical. Photo 2005.

Public Service Announcement. jeff noel’s Lane 8 Blog may seem like a running blog, but deep down, it’s about our physical health. jeff noel just happens to be a runner to stay healthy.

Saying that, another reminder, the original tagline here was, If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

It would be impossible for jeff noel to raise enough money to help find a cure for this disease our son has had since he turned 4.

Here’s to our impossible health goal(s).

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I Hate Colon Cancer

There, I said it. I hate colon cancer. What do you hate?

Maybe I shouldn’t hate it though. Well, then, if not colon cancer, then I hate IBD.

Maybe I shouldn’t hate IBD.

Maybe I should be thankful that our son’s alive to have something to fight.

There are some that never get the chance to put up a good fight.

Do you see how this has ended differently then how it started?

The absolute biggest blessing we get each day is this – to wake up and be alive.

That’s really all I talk about at the next blog. You’re always invited to click…

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Diverticulosis or Diverticulitis?

Room For More

Ever heard of Diverticulitis?  Become aware of it, and understand how your eating habits will increase or reduce your odds of getting it.

It ain’t pretty. Diverticulitis can become painful. Close to half of Americans will be impacted. Doc told me Thursday, during my annual physical, I have diverticulosis.

Here’s an informative Everyday Health article to help you quickly understand what this is and what you can do about it.

Or, we could stick our heads in the sand.

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Working Towards A Crohn’s Cure?

Everyone has some health issue, even those that currently don’t. They either did, or will. It’s just part of life. It can be as simple as needing corrective vision, or as complex as radiation and chemotherapy.

What is your health challenge? And how do you cope and manage your challenge(s)?

My wife and I have a particular interest in Crohn’s Disease, and this article shares recent developments in the search for a Crohn’s Disease cure.

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