Great Disney leaders are inspirational

Colorado State University classroom
To teach is to learn twice. i taught full time the second 15 years at Disney Institute.


Great Disney leaders are inspirational.

i know about this.


i worked, served, learned, and grew up there – 30 years worth.

Think about what lights your fire.

It sure as heck isn’t something that’s luke warm.

It has to be something powerful.

It’s something bigger than yourself.

It’s something impossible.

Something noble.

It’s something you are compelled to defend because it means that much to you to see it grow and prosper.




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Too Damn Busy

Busy, Busy, Dreadfully Busy
Busy, Busy, Dreadfully Busy

We hear it all the time don’t we?

“I’m just so busy, I don’t have time to exercise”.

Happens all the time doesn’t it. In fact, we’ve all been guilty of saying something like this. Which begs the next question.

When your health falters, then will you have time?

Ever know you know something important about yourself, but you either can’t quite put your finger on it, or, you simply don’t want to admit it?

Yeah, me too.  So, with New Year’s Eve one day away, and the opportunity to resolve, finally, to do something great, here goes:

I hate being “unhealthy”.

And I hate it so much that I’m willing to do all the common sense things that healthy people do.

Common sense, but not common practice.

Not any more.  Not this year. Ya with me?  Is this your year?

Lane 8, Lane 8, Lane 8

Lane 8, Lane 8, Lane 8.

Never gets old.

Lane 8 never gets old?

Not for me.


Because I’ve come to realize that the way to be great, at anything, is to cultivate, develop, and finally, harness two key factors.

Focus and discipline.

Can you imagine trying to be great without these two?

There’s one other factor that deserves intense consideration – vision.

Steve Prefontaine had a vision – to be the greatest runner in the world, even though people said he was too short, too weak.

Good luck with whatever is important to you. Now you know my secrets.

They’re actually just common sense, but not common practice.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂