Funny Things Those Resolutions

Gyms Will Be Packed the 1st Three Weeks In January
Gyms Will Be Packed the 1st Three Weeks In January

Is life really difficult, or is it just me?

We work so hard sometimes, and what do we get?


No thank you. No atta girl, or atta boy. No, “Hey, we really appreciate what you do around here”.


As you make your New Year’s Resolution for better health, be mindful of this.

And find a radical way to overcome it.

Nothing you’ve done in the past has worked.

Go for it. Be crazy creative. You deserve it. Thank you for getting prepared.

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Everyday Or Not At All

I Needed To Overcome My Addiction
He Needed Me To Succeed

Eventually, the energy and enthusiasm of a “New Year’s Resolution wears off.

Then what?

This is where most people fail.

Only about 3% of New Year’s Resolutions ever make it.

So there was a desperate need for a simple tool to overcome the temptation to give up and revert back to the old ways (again)…

Darn It

Dream Big.  Get Started.  Never Stop.
Dream Big. Get Started. Never Stop.

Haven’t run in five (5) days.

How is that possible?

Mister “you have to find a way” or your doomed, Mr. Internet five-a-day blogger, Mr practice what you preach, Mr. self-appointed wellness expert.

Yeah, tell us why you have “failed” this week.

First of all, who am I to be calling myself such names, with that stern tone?

Ease up already mister.

There is an inherent challenge with an impossible goal.

It is, well, quite literally, impossible.

To think that we could consistently get regular exercise for the rest of our lives is preposterous.


It can happen.  It will happen.  It is happening.

Went to the gym for strength and core training last night.  And, after a few commitments this morning (I’m Off today), I’ll go for a run.

Dream big.  Get started.  Never stop.