Diverticulosis or Diverticulitis?

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Ever heard of Diverticulitis?  Become aware of it, and understand how your eating habits will increase or reduce your odds of getting it.

It ain’t pretty. Diverticulitis can become painful. Close to half of Americans will be impacted. Doc told me Thursday, during my annual physical, I have diverticulosis.

Here’s an informative Everyday Health article to help you quickly understand what this is and what you can do about it.

Or, we could stick our heads in the sand.

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Lane 8 Hypocrite

Lane 8 Hypocrite?
Lane 8 Hypocrite?

Maybe. Maybe not.

On January 5, 2009 my Family Physician wrote a script for a routine colonoscopy, since this is the year I turned 50.

Well, here we are, almost January, 2010 – a year later.  No colonoscopy.  Not even scheduled yet.

How in the hell can that happen?

Simple.  You already know, don’t you?  We get busy.  Distracted. Paralyzed – with the fear of making a commitment.

So, please know I ain’t perfect.  Big dreamer?  Absolutely.  Perfect?  No way.

But if you look at the batting average, it represents a decent overall “practice what you preach” reality.

How’s your batting average?

There Once Was A Man From…

…Nantucket.  Wait, that’s not where we want to go today. Met a businessman, 62, on a flight yesterday.  He was reading “Bicycling” magazine.  He looked great and had an incredibly healthy “glow”.

So naturally, because it’s a quirk I have, the question jumped out, “Are you a cyclist”?

“Yes”!, he affirmed. And he went on to explain that he was returning from cycling America’s second toughest century (100 miles) ride.

Obsessed with truth and meaning, quite naturally, additional questions jumped out, including, “What motivates you”?   He explained how in his stressful job (and who among us doesn’t have a ton of stress?), the way he keeps things stable, is to exercise.

We all know this don’t we?  Deep down inside, we all know that exercise is a key to living well.  Yet, quite naturally, I can’t for the life of me, figure out why so few people do anything about it.

Lane 8 Travels Again

Lane 8 is on the move.  No, not to a Master’s Track and Field Meet.  Good guess though.

Traveling to give a speech.  That’s what I do.  I’m a professional speaker.

Actually, I’ll speak anywhere to anyone, as long as it’s something I’m passionate about.  Church, Parenting, Children’s Religious Education, Boy Scouts, Home Owner’s Association, Master’s Track and Field, Wellness, Fitness, Health, Mid Life Celebration, Impossible Goals, Blogging, Social Media, Social Networking, Addiction, Behavior Modification, Gardening.

So anyway, until social media policies are better defined, it is incumbent on employees to do their best with the interpretation of general guidelines. There are so many employees who where out ahead of corporate social media policies.  So now, these companies have to play “catch up” to reign in what was never defined.

This will take some time, and companies are being decently patient, by allowing their employees to make the changes that the new guidelines call out. Facebook, LinkedIn, My Space, Blogs, Websites, You Tube, Flickr, Posting Comments, Chat Rooms, personal email – the list is endless.

It’s smart business if you ask me.  And just like anything else, including our health, the sooner we start, generally speaking, the sooner we see results.

Did You Get Enough Rest?

Did you get enough rest last night?

Rest is way under-rated.  Have been struggling with this one for about two months. This is unusual, because I focus very hard on rest.  It’s one of our critical success factors in staying in top form – mentally, physically, spiritually, and even financially.

First the trip to Finland, followed by two solid months of very busy travel schedules.  And with the World Championships under my belt, there was no looming big, motivating goal.

Bottom line, we all have to figure this out.  If we don’t, we are doomed. It’s a vicious cycle.  Always has been, always will be.  But you already knew that, right?