jeff noel & Son

How’s your March Wellness Challenge going?

jeff noel & son begin week 4 of the one mailbox a day for a week challenge. We’re four weeks into it so each day we slow jog to the 4th mailbox from ours.

Orlando mailboxes are 100 meters apart, so we are slow jogging the equivalent of a single lap around the track. After one month, that’s all we have to show. PERFECT!

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Put Up Or Shut Up Month

March, at Mid Life Celebration, LLC is put up or shut up month. Sure enough, many Lane 8 readers don’t read the other 4 jeff noel blogs I write every day.

Pity. It would provide hopeful readers with a tough wellness challenge:

  • Invest 2-3 minutes every day
  • Create a balanced attack
  • Alleviate incongruence

But alas, 2-3 minutes every day is too much to ask. So put up or shut up. You still in?

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Do You Want It Or Not?

Diet, Exercise & Rest
Diet, Exercise & Rest

Every day is the same. We all have a ton of things to do. A ton of things on our minds. People clamoring for our attention. Deadlines. Bills. Chores. Routines. Obligations. Hope. Dreams. Worries.

Getting healthy and staying healthy are probably two of the most desirable on the entire wish list.

Do you want it or not?

GoDaddy’s Danica Is Avid Runner

Best Domain Name & Website Hosting
Best Domain Name & Website Hosting

Ever stumble across a story that seems so unlikely, but so refreshing that you just have to share it with other like minded folks?

If you’re a runner, and many readers at Lane 8 are runners, physically active, or are striving to be, then you’ll probably enjoy reading how GoDaddy’s celebrity spokeswoman, and race car driver, Danica Patrick makes running a top priority.

Can you even begin to imagine the benefits you’ll reap if you get started and never quit?