Diet & Exercise

The blood tests confirmed what most would say was inevitable, and only a matter of time – your cholesterol is in the danger zone. In going to our Family Physician, you can predict what he said I’d need to do moving forward.

Two things. Diet & exercise. Diet to lower LDL cholesterol and exercise to raise HDL cholesterol. Simple. But simple doesn’t equal easy.

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Dream Big Lane 8

Easy? Fast? Lies!
Easy? Fast? Lies!

What does it take, day after day, to stay motivated?

That’s really the difference between a casual approach and a committed approach.

You knew that, right?

If you don’t dream big (like for the rest of your life), you lose.

Big is not:

  • Losing weight for the cruise
  • Losing weight for the School Reunion
  • Watching your diet for your upcoming blood test
  • Losing weight to get back in your old jeans
  • Losing weight for swim suit season

Big is only one thing:

  • For your lifetime health and fitness

Got it?

Good.  Enjoy your food and your exercise today.