Curious Answer
Curious Answer

Sitting here on the floor, waiting for Quest Diagnostics to open. Kinda like camping out for Springsteen concert tickets.  Lots of people trying to get in.

Do you get an annual physical?

Do you like getting your blood drawn?

Do you like knowing the truth?

The guy in front of me comes every three months, to establish which cholesterol medicine works best.

Told him I wish I could come every three months.

He looked surprised.

Life is funny sometimes.

Not knowing your health stats is not.

Annual Physical

Celebrate Our Body, Our Health
Celebrate Our Body, Our Health

There are two ways to look at our bodies.

As a temple.

As a burden.

How is it with you?

Betcha Lane 8 scares, annoys, angers and otherwise does just about everything it can to challenge those few brave souls that have the guts to keep coming back.

A challenge to find a purpose for being healthy.  Don’t look for a reason.  Find a purpose.

Well begun is half done.

Well, I haven’t done everything.  I haven’t ever said it’s acceptable to be unhealthy.

Dear Santa Letter?

Celebrating 50th Birthday in Finland
Celebrating 50th Birthday in Finland

You know how children like to write to Santa each year to ask for stuff?  It’s no different for adults. Here’s my version.

Dear Dr. Weinberger,

I’ve been a good boy all year.  Have focused on diet and exercise, just like you said to do.

This year’s wish list includes some old standbys and some new things too.

  1. Full menu of blood work
  2. Colonoscopy script (never used last year’s script)
  3. Stress Test
  4. Body scan/MRI
  5. Check skin
  6. Check neck
  7. Anything else a 51 year old man should have

My BMI, blood pressure, and resting heart rate all on in line.  Still treating Plantar fasciitis. If you are able to surprise me with any additional tests or recommendations that an especially health-conscious midlife male would like, that would be great.

Have enjoyed the past 27 years as your loyal and attentive patient. 🙂

Dream Big Lane 8

Easy? Fast? Lies!
Easy? Fast? Lies!

What does it take, day after day, to stay motivated?

That’s really the difference between a casual approach and a committed approach.

You knew that, right?

If you don’t dream big (like for the rest of your life), you lose.

Big is not:

  • Losing weight for the cruise
  • Losing weight for the School Reunion
  • Watching your diet for your upcoming blood test
  • Losing weight to get back in your old jeans
  • Losing weight for swim suit season

Big is only one thing:

  • For your lifetime health and fitness

Got it?

Good.  Enjoy your food and your exercise today.

Gaining Weight or Losing Weight

Gaining weight or losing weight.  These two topics seem to occupy our human obsessions more than just about anything.

Why?  Because it’s so challenging, with all the media, to feel comfortable with our bodies.

Maybe the media is right.  Maybe we are deficient in some way.  Want to know how I can tell if I need to gain weight or lose weight?

I simply ask myself, “How do you feel today”?

This past week I gained four pounds.  I can just feel it.  It feels different. Not different in a good way.  Different in a challenging way. At least there’s one thing to be really thankful for this past week.

I was listening to my body.  Were you?