Nothing Simpler, Nothing Harder

Okay, so we’re nine days into the new year. Whether you make resolutions or not, how is your energy for exercise progressing?

If your goal is to take the stairs, or to be able to do one push-up, how’s that going?

If your goal is to park in the last row and walk in everyday, how’s that going?

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Just Do Something, Anything
Just Do Something, Anything

If you’ve just joined us after reading Connie’s Guest Blogger post, consider this: Seniors have an abundance of time to make healthy choices, as simple as walking.

An active, healthy body has so many benefits that it’s mind-boggling why more seniors don’t seize the opportunity to exercise and lose some weight.

On the other hand, take working folks like me and you, we barely have time to eat breakfast, let alone carve out 30-60 minutes of physical activity.

I hadn’t been to the gym in 7 days. The choice was simple:

  1. Extend it to 8 days
  2. Find a way to get to the gym

Here’s what happened last night.

Of course, our choices aren’t limited to diet and exercise, they also extend to our spiritual balance.

Dream Big Lane 8

Easy? Fast? Lies!
Easy? Fast? Lies!

What does it take, day after day, to stay motivated?

That’s really the difference between a casual approach and a committed approach.

You knew that, right?

If you don’t dream big (like for the rest of your life), you lose.

Big is not:

  • Losing weight for the cruise
  • Losing weight for the School Reunion
  • Watching your diet for your upcoming blood test
  • Losing weight to get back in your old jeans
  • Losing weight for swim suit season

Big is only one thing:

  • For your lifetime health and fitness

Got it?

Good.  Enjoy your food and your exercise today.

Gold’s Gym and Lane 8

USA Team Jersey...Priceless
USA Team Jersey...Priceless

Last night at Gold’s Gym Orlando in the Dr Phillips area, I meet Pleasant Lewis, the owner of several Central Florida Gold’s Gym facilities.

As a 50-year old, I struggle like everyone else, to find time and motivation to exercise.

This is one of life’s big truths.  We all are given the same amount of time. Successful people figure it out, plan for set backs, never give up and they find a million ways to motivate themselves.

And sometimes, if not more often, the thought of, “Is this worth it?”, enters their mind.

Gold’s Gym, Lifestyle Litness, Bally’s, YMCA’s, all struggle too – with finding a way to inspire people to make a lifetime commitment of healthy living.

I proposed to Pleasant that I could help.  We’ll see if “Goliath” has any interest in “David”.

Gym owners have the same challenge as their customers – finding time to do the important things that make a difference.