Utah’s Snow Canyon High School Hosted The Track & Field Senior Games

Some of the younger athletes in the 55-59 age group 800 meters

It’s still challenging for me to get my arms around the notion that this world competition is only for “old people”, and that I am one of those old people. Age means nothing, really, unless we make it mean something. We can make aging mean wisdom. We can make aging mean decline. One of my “secrets” to great middle-age health is a great midlife attitude.

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Did America’s Wellness Expert Mention The 2011 Huntsman World Senior Games?

The 25th Annual Huntsman World Senior Games, St George, Utah, October 2011

We know this truth, yet we forget it easily when we hear someone speak confidently – people who lead change do so because they believe the world needs it. These game changers know that confidence is part of it, courage is part of it and so is salesmanship. Jesus had to sell His disciples on carrying on without him. At the risk of death. That’s a hard sell, if you ask me. America’s Wellness expert, jeff noel, understands the risky business of looking boastful. In fact he hates it, but does it anyway.

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