GoDaddy’s Danica Is Avid Runner

Best Domain Name & Website Hosting
Best Domain Name & Website Hosting

Ever stumble across a story that seems so unlikely, but so refreshing that you just have to share it with other like minded folks?

If you’re a runner, and many readers at Lane 8 are runners, physically active, or are striving to be, then you’ll probably enjoy reading how GoDaddy’s celebrity spokeswoman, and race car driver, Danica Patrick makes running a top priority.

Can you even begin to imagine the benefits you’ll reap if you get started and never quit?

Lane 8 or Lane Eight?

Lane 8 or Lane Eight?

It doesn’t matter.

I discovered, as I was handing out my virtual business card (domain name) this past week, that many people don’t grasp Lane 8 as readily as I had hoped.

“Eight the number, or do you spell it”, they would ask.

So a went to GoDaddy again and added several other domain names so it doesn’t matter what domain name they use, they’ll find it.

Go ahead and click here to test it if you want:

The road to excellence has no finish line.  Everyday is an opportunity to learn and improve.  But only if you are focused and disciplined.

Carpe diem, my focused and disciplined Internet Explorers.  jeff noel  🙂