Mid Life Celebration Preaches Common Sense, Focus And Discipline

Fight Fat: Easy, Healthy Fast (sure, I'll believe that - except for the easy & fast parts)

Be thankful that we are not gullible in midlife. Right? Fight fat: Easy, Healthy, Fast. Are you kidding me? Who gets to write this stuff? If fighting fat were easy and fast, well, would two-thirds of our nation be overweight? Go. Fight this with common sense, focus, and discipline.

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The World Championships? Impossible?

M50-54 400 meters, final, 2009 Masters Track & Field World Championships:

At the 2009 WMA Masters Track & Field World Championships held in Lahti, Finland, jeff noel finished 43rd overall, for the men’s 50-54 400 meters.

Seven of the eight Americans made it to the semi-finals. noel was the only one who didn’t advance. Three Americans went on to the finals, with James Chin taking bronze.

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If World Peace Seems Impossible, How Does That Compare With A Healthier You?

Lane Eight

Lane eight is the worst lane assignment in Track & Field. The slowest runner gets this lane. A word of caution here. Never let the worst lane, or even finishing dead last worry you.

Perhaps that would be impossible, to be in Lane eight. But what if it was in the finals, at the world championships. Dead last but eighth best in the world.

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