“I Got Tons Of Blood Work, Every Test Imaginable”

Mac & cheese or….Lobster, sweet potato, asparagus, corn-on-the-cob? Eating healthy is critical. Photo 2005.

Public Service Announcement. jeff noel’s Lane 8 Blog may seem like a running blog, but deep down, it’s about our physical health. jeff noel just happens to be a runner to stay healthy.

Saying that, another reminder, the original tagline here was, If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

It would be impossible for jeff noel to raise enough money to help find a cure for this disease our son has had since he turned 4.

Here’s to our impossible health goal(s).

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Please Don’t Get Me Wrong

Please don’t get me wrong, I still ran. I was, after all, a Health & Physical Education major, destined to be a High School Gym teacher during the school year, and drive a beer truck during summers – just like Mr Warner, our 8th-grade Gym Teacher. He was the epitome of cool.

But between the beer consumption and the late night munchies, I had to run. You get the picture.

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Can You Do One Push-Up?

So the next day at work, sharing the story with a colleague, who was also miserably out of shape, I said, “Look at us, we need to start working out. Can you do a push-up? I mean, right now. Let’s start right here, right now – here in the hallway. One push-up”.

He said, “Sure, I can do one push-up. Are you kiddin’ me? But I ain’t doing it here.”

Come on, I said, we’ll do one push-up a day for a week. The second week, we’ll do two push-ups a day. Third week, three a day, etc.

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Sure, It Looks Like…

My Phone's Home Screen, Hayward Field
My Phone's Home Screen, Hayward Field

Do you enjoy debate? Do you live your convictions? Or is it easier to follow your value system only when it’s convenient?

It’s hard isn’t? Life is downright challenging to manage. These times are similar if not worse, than America’s Great Depression in the 1930’s.

Unprecedented times. May I remind you, please, Lane 8 is not a Track & Field or Runners Blog, even though it may appear so.

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