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A brilliant example of how you save not only a pet's life, but maybe your own as well.

Dear Son, one of the greatest compensations in life is that you can not help another without actually helping yourself. As I help you, it helps me. As you help others, it helps you, and so on…bank on Life’s Ripple Effect.

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Merry Christmas 2011 From Lane 8

Some see stacked rocks and harmony. Others see a Christmas tree and joy.

As they hiked through Zion National Park, jeff noel and his son spotted four insignificant and small stones, carefully stacked by someone desiring to leave a message for others to contemplate and enjoy. At the time, October, Christmas was not on noel’s mind. Today, totally. Merry Christmas from everyone at Lane 8.

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Two Major Lessons In Yesterday’s Lane 8 Blog Post

The real deal, not a replica. And earned, not acquired.

Two major lessons from yesterday’s Lane 8 blog post:

1. Amazing results happen to anyone who refuses to quit.
2. Trading my USA team jersey was difficult at first, because I had worked so hard to earn it. It was a defining moment in understanding the Olympic spirit and the beautiful appeal of The United States of America’s generosity.

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Most Lane 8 (Eight) Readers Are Too New To Realize That Associating With Excellence Can Take A Decade For World Class Results

The night before jeff noel's first World Championship race, the "Senior" Olympics in Finland, 2009

If any of you (Donna, Craig, Bob and a few others for sure) were with jeff noel and Lane 8 early on, you know the story of noel’s childhood dream to represent the United States in the Olympic games. Who knew in 2009, he’d be 50 when it happened? Sure it took a decade of preparation, and sure he could only run 100 meters a day when he began. Quit? Never!

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Associating With Excellence Works In Business, In Health and In Wellness

Hayward Field, Lane 8, jeff noel, USA Team jersey from 2009 World Championships

From running one mailbox a day (100 meters) in 1999, jeff noel, America’s Wellness expert began building a healthy foundation with no limits or preconceived notions about how long it would take to get well or how far he could go with his health. That’s one of our Baby Boomer’s biggest obstacles – creating unrealistically short deadlines for results.

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