How Patient Are You?

Patiently Waiting For The Lid To Be Ajar
Patiently Waiting For The Lid To Be Ajar

We have become a fast-paced society, with the speed (and volume) of change doubling in shorter increments.

One repercussion from this is that we have become “addicted” to quick results. (did you take a moment to notice the captions under each lizard pic?)

We want things, and we want them NOW!

Sure looks good on paper.

What’s a BIG DREAM you have, that you are rushing (or not) to completion?

Is your haste working or backfiring?

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Then It's Kiss My Rear Goodbye...
Then It's Kiss My Rear Goodbye...

Speaking Of Childhood Dreams

Lane 8 & Jack Will Miss This Year's Nationals
Lane 8 & Jack Will Miss This Year's Nationals

Do you ever think back to the times, as an innocent child, when you dreamt impossible dreams. Oh, they didn’t seem impossible then. That only happened as you got older.

Like many children, I  wanted to be a famous athlete. Maybe the next Jim Brown of the Chicago Bears. Or become the world’s fastest human. I was, after all, the fastest ten year old on my street.

Next Thursday through Sunday will be the 2010 USA Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Sacramento, California. If you are at the meet, make sure you stop by the National Masters News booth and say hello to Randy Sturgeon, publisher of National Master News. He’ll be competing in the Pentathlon on Thursday, hopefully. He’s been nursing an injury, but will be there all the rest of the time. He hopes to see you there.

For good measure, and in the spirit of wishing to be there, I ran a 2:32 800 meters this morning.

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Boston Marathon 2010

Will Your Dreams & Motivation Go Down The Drain?
Will Your Dreams & Motivation Go Down The Drain?

Monday, Ryan Hall set an all-time American record, 2:08.41, for the fastest Boston Marathon finish by an American. Ever!

Ryan Hall was fourth overall, and the winner set a new Boston Marathon course record. Fastest Boston Marathon in it’s 124 year history.

Ryan ran only six one-hundredths of second faster than the previous American record.

Not six minutes faster, not six seconds faster, not six-tenths of a second faster.

Six one-hundredths faster.

We can’t even blink that fast. That was the cumulative time over 26.2 miles, 0:00.06 faster.

Mind boggling!

What does this mean to you? Most likely, nothing.

Or it may just be the daily motivation you were looking for. We start anew every day. We can never tire of the basics. Ever.

World Master’s Athletics Indoors 2010

Who's In?
Who's In?

The 2010 Master’s Athletics Indoor Master’s Track & Field World Championships are being held March 1-6, 2010 in Kamloops, British Columbia.

The deadline to submit your entry is tomorrow, January 31.

World Championships?  Are you kidding me?

Ten years ago, absolutely.

Today, not so much.

In the for what it’s worth category, click here to view the Men’s 50-54 Master’s age group entries.

Most people can not even fathom what it would take to compete at a world-class level. Which is perfect, because Lane 8 isn’t about how to run faster, it’s about how to never stop running…..or walking, or swimming, or cycling, or dancing, or whatever it is that you find motivation to do.

Just keep moving.  Just keep eating well. Just keep being a great health example to the people you care about. That’s why Lane 8 exists.

How Are Your 2010 Health Goals?

What Motivates Them?
What Motivates Them?

Are your 2010 Health and Fitness goals still burning inside you?

Or has the fire of your resolution started to cool?

Or maybe there’s a feeling of being somewhere in the middle – not on fire and not ready to quit, but stuck.

Today, simply by looking around you everywhere, you will see that the hardest thing to do is to be a great example.

Why is that?