Urgency addiction?

16-second video: This is pro-level cool.

The busier you become, the more filters you need. Priorities and filters are interchangeable. Reactive people are generally addicted to urgency. Urgency hides priorities.


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Everyone Was Racing

How often do you find yourself in a hurry? Hurry, hurry, race race race!!

Orlando International Airport. Yesterday. Everyone was racing to catch the tram to the main airport terminal. Three of us in the corner were thanking the returning soldier for his 10-months in Afghanistan. He’s home for two weeks, then going back. I asked him what was the first thing he was going to do. His reply made us all smile.

Then, when the doors opened, everyone went back to racing – to get to baggage claim, or in my case, the parking garage.

But, many of us stopped in or tracks.

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How Patient Are You?

Patiently Waiting For The Lid To Be Ajar
Patiently Waiting For The Lid To Be Ajar

We have become a fast-paced society, with the speed (and volume) of change doubling in shorter increments.

One repercussion from this is that we have become “addicted” to quick results. (did you take a moment to notice the captions under each lizard pic?)

We want things, and we want them NOW!

Sure looks good on paper.

What’s a BIG DREAM you have, that you are rushing (or not) to completion?

Is your haste working or backfiring?

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Then It's Kiss My Rear Goodbye...
Then It's Kiss My Rear Goodbye...