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Yesterday’s mail. USATF. United States of America Track & Field.

Today’s posts are influenced by yesterday’s hour of Jeopardy Greatest of All Time show, and the commercials, plus a piece of US Mail, pictured above.

It’s been so long since i’ve run more than a 15-minute mile pace.

How long?

Five years maybe.

There is something about age-group competition that has the wonder of elementary school playgrounds in Spring.

An Olympic Year always heightens this childish emotion.

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The one thing missing from yesterday’s Olympic list?

This photo was taken as the sun set into the Gulf of Mexico…


The one thing missing from yesterday’s Olympic list? Dreaming. Dreaming plants the seed, and helps us visualize the future…

But only crawling out of bed early, and putting in the blood, sweat, and tears will get you to a place where you can even remotely believe your resume is good enough.

Seven days…

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Eleven days and counting…

An hour walk before client meeting. The Brooklyn Bridge was a great cross-training opportunity…

walking Brooklyn Bridge

Eleven days and counting… walked a fair amount yesterday. We do what we can, right? Heading out shortly to run and catch the sunrise from the Brooklyn Bridge.

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What is your favorite sport to watch?

sport fishing
fishing is a sport that some love to watch

USA Track & Field 2012 Olympic trails start in two days. On Hayward Field at the University of Oregon. More National championships and Olympic trials have been held there than any other track…

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Insight: Excellence is a habit. Immerse yourself in excellent things that excite you.