Find a million ways to stay physically motivated

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Find a million ways to stay physically motivated.

Get your daily victory early (by sunrise if possible).

Go to bed early.

Eat protein for breakfast.

Healthy snacks anytime you’re hungry.

Fresh, in-season produce.

Your core is your epicenter – keep it strong.

Be part of an active community.



Weigh yourself every morning after you awake.







Watch videos.







Real food – minimize (or eliminate) foods with more than 5 ingredients.

Lean into discomfort.

Have fun.

.think .differently

Be an example not a warning.


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Just. Couldn’t. Do. It.

Morning rain on West Gulf Drive on Sanibel Island


Couldn’t muster the motivation to run yesterday.

Needed to.

Wanted to.

Crystal clear on the benefits.

Clear on the consequences of not exercising.

Just. Couldn’t. Do. It.

This too shall pass.

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Top three reasons why ridiculous goals are the only choice we have

He’s watching me because he’s being watched, and photographed…

smoking while pregnant

The mom-to-be is also smoking…

smoking while pregnant

Top three reasons why ridiculous goals are the only choice we have:

  1. It has to be so crazy, we can not dismiss it no matter what
  2. It has to be something everyone actually dreams of
  3. It has to be considered unattainable

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Note: Is it ridiculous to think some day no one will smoke? Or at least no pregnant women?

Only Five More Days Until Christmas, A Challenging Time To Keep Health Goals On Track

This is not a trick, or obscure question

Holidays are a joyous occasion, designed to help busy humans pause and reflect on life’s big, important meanings. Holidays are also unbearably stressful for many midlifers. The food, the drink? Abundant. The exercise and moderation?

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There Is An Art To Staying Motivated In Midlife, And jeff noel Offer Boomers A Free Internet Resource On How To

jeff noel works for a creative genius and applies those strategies to his health goals

There is an art to life, in staying motivated, in living with few, if any, regrets. Boomer jeff noel has discovered life’s secrets to staying motivated. He shares them as a free, how to, Internet resource on his five daily, different-themed Mid Life Celebration blogs.

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