There Once Was A Man From…

…Nantucket.  Wait, that’s not where we want to go today. Met a businessman, 62, on a flight yesterday.  He was reading “Bicycling” magazine.  He looked great and had an incredibly healthy “glow”.

So naturally, because it’s a quirk I have, the question jumped out, “Are you a cyclist”?

“Yes”!, he affirmed. And he went on to explain that he was returning from cycling America’s second toughest century (100 miles) ride.

Obsessed with truth and meaning, quite naturally, additional questions jumped out, including, “What motivates you”?   He explained how in his stressful job (and who among us doesn’t have a ton of stress?), the way he keeps things stable, is to exercise.

We all know this don’t we?  Deep down inside, we all know that exercise is a key to living well.  Yet, quite naturally, I can’t for the life of me, figure out why so few people do anything about it.

By jeff noel

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