Ever put work second and health first?

Random photo?
Random photo?


Ever put work second and health first? Sometimes, even if it’s only 10 minutes, we need to put our health first and work second.

Would our boss understand?

A marathon teaching week, on a rare stay-at-home-in-Orlando schedule, but with before-the-sun-comes-up call times. At the last minute, rather than make it four straight days of no running, I ran an easy 10-minute mile.

Why, because it made perfect sense on so many levels – using my best judgement and expertise.

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Three keys to a healthy, balanced life summed up in this tag line…

Husband and wife hugging at awards ceremony
Dumb question, What’s more important than Family? (photo: Michelle Sindy)


Three keys to a healthy, balanced life summed up in this tag line…

reThink – rePrioritize – reCommit

Contemplate what’s working and what’s not.

Reshuffle our deck.

Move forward with a new, wiser focus and purpose.

PS. Simple does not mean easy. But simple does mean what it says – simple.

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Heading to Gold’s Gym in the middle of Tropical storm Isaac

Hurricane Isaac

An hour ago at 5am (see lower left photo corner)…

Heading to Gold’s Gym in the middle of Tropical storm Isaac. Do I feel like it? Could I spend time doing other things? Will it interfere with getting to work?

Going any way. Because none of those questions will impact the quality of my day. Even with the workout, I’ll be early for work. And the benefits to having a workout to start the day? Priceless.

Insight: Semper Gumby (always flexible)…

(Update) The day didn’t work out the way it was planned.

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Great intentions to exercise, but…

Great intentions to go see The Odd Life of Timothy Green this weekend… it came out in theaters yesterday, August 15…

Inspiring Disney Movies

No, there was no run yesterday even though there was time. Morning chores conflicted. Great intentions. Greater need to work. And so it goes. Relentless. Unstoppable. Figure it out or crumble under the pressure.

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Ten health commandments from America’s unheralded (for now) work life balance expert

dream big health goals
never let your memories be bigger than your dreams

How long will you wait before seeing health improvements? Three weeks? Three months? Three years? Ten of the most amazing insights I hope you’ve glean from Lane 8:

1. Resolve to make health a lifetime habit
2. Remember that getting healthy is one thing
3. Staying there is entirely different
4. You have the rest of your life to make slow and steady progress
5. Don’t do too much, too soon
6. Be an example and not a warning
7. Be creative
8. Be forgiving
9. Never quit
10. Have fun

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