Dropped six leaving nine to go, right?

excerpt from Icarus Deception
We need to want it so bad we can taste it


The right motivation requires a serious will to succeed. Period.

Dropped six leaving nine to go, right? Fifteen pounds over my High School weight. Theoretically an optimum peak of physical health.

At 166, there are 15 pounds to lose.

For the past week, hovering at 159.

Running the 5k was easier without the extra six pounds.

Much easier.

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Read this for solace in our struggles and successes, as they ebb and flow

Disney Soccer scoreboard
we win some, we lose some


Read this for solace in our struggles and successes, as they ebb and flow. It feels like win some lose some doesn’t it?

Dropped below 160 two days in a row. This morning back up to 161.5. Darn it!

And yet, four days ago, set a personal record for parallel bar plank at 40 seconds.

There was a time the plank couldn’t be held for one second.

There was a time when anything over 155.0 felt overweight.

We’re in this for our lifetime right? Setbacks are temporary.

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Excuse whisperer?

Tom has an excuse, he's stuck in a cage.... right?

Addicted to excuses? We’re not even aware. The way an alcoholic denies their condition. I know. Been there. Done that. Let’s move on to body suicide.

When we don’t take care of ourselves – and excuses are no excuse – we are slowly killing ourselves.

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She Felt Trapped

Finland 2009

Ever feel compelled to tell a stranger your story? She said she felt trapped. Trapped inside her body. But her Uncle gave her an epiphany, and her Doctor gave her hope.

Kayla did the rest.

I think Kayla said she wants to lose 197 pounds total. If you’re newer to this health blog, you may have missed the premise, “If you’re goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough“. Good luck Kayla!

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